Wineries are becoming popular venues for tourists and residents of Minnesota alike. People enjoy seeing how wine is made, and many wineries offer tastings where patrons can sample the various wines. One new winery was built south of Brainerd, Minnesota, in 2016 and intended to open its doors in 2017.

The Dennis Drummond Wine Co. opened its doors in Crow Wing County, but zoning issues prohibited the winery from exercising its intended operations. Specifically, the winery was not permitted to make wine on its premises. Under Minnesota law, to make wine, one must be licensed to do so in an agricultural/forestry district, which the winery was not built on.

However, the Board of Commissioners in Crow Wing County recently made amendments to its land use map. The new map created an agricultural/forestry district that covers the back end of the winery. These zoning changes now permit the company to produce wine on its premises without violating Minnesota law.

Many see the winery as a great asset to their community and are celebrating the changes in zoning. The winery has been used as a location for wedding receptions and other celebrations, so many are pleased that it can now produce wine. The motion for zoning changes was passed unanimously.

Zoning laws are meant to ensure that land is used in a way that doesn’t create a nuisance or otherwise threaten the health and safety of those on the land. Thus, residential zones are made separate from commercial and agricultural zones. However, these zones need not be set in stone. If necessary, as the above example shows, they can be changed or combined to meet the needs of the community. Those who are interested in learning more about zoning laws in Minnesota can consult with a real estateattorney, who can give them more information on this topic.

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