Summer is a popular time to buy and sell a home in Minnesota. Those looking to buy or sell a home may think that they can handle the matter on their own. However, complications could arise during the process that they might never have expected and are totally unable to deal with. These oversights can be costly.

Therefore, those looking to buy or sell a home this summer may want to consider seeking the advice of an attorney who handles real estate matters. The professionals at Chandler and Brown Ltd. aim to make their clients’ real estate transactions run efficiently and effectively. They are experienced in assisting their clients in executing purchase and sales contracts, reviewing easements to determine who has the right to use the property and protecting their clients’ interests at closing.

The law firm of Chandler and Brown Ltd. also handles commercial real estate matters. They can draft leases, conduct due diligence and create business entities to own the property. After all, purchasing or investing in commercial real estate can be a financially worthwhile endeavor if done properly.

Real estate transactions may seem simple enough, but as the saying goes, “Always expect the unexpected.” It can be beneficial to have the help of a professional from day one, to ensure the purchase or sale of a home or commercial property runs smoothly. Attorneys can answer any questions you may have about the sale or purchase of a home and address any legal issues that might come up in real estate transactions.

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